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Why I’m Different Now

I wrote a post a few months back about my "why" and it took me about three weeks before I finally overcame the anxious knot in my chest to press "publish". I try my best to be an open and warm person, but sharing about me, deeper than just the surface level facts, feels like… Continue reading Why I’m Different Now

inspiration, writing

Why I Write

Just writing about me, rather than a trip I've taken, or a look I love, is a little uncomfortable, to be completely honest. But I realized lately that if you are following my blog, you know where I've been and what I like, but you don't know why I write about it. Truthfully, that's something… Continue reading Why I Write

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The Best Lunch Spots in Greenville to Eat Clean

Meal prepping on the weekends and bringing my lunch from home would be the ideal situation, but that just doesn't happen each week. Plus, occasionally, you just want to go out with co-workers or meet your love for lunch somewhere around town. My struggle isn't finding a good place to go in Greenville (we are… Continue reading The Best Lunch Spots in Greenville to Eat Clean